Jerelyn Creado The Designer

Designer's philosophy

Jerelyn’s conviction from a very young age was in the idea of being original and different, she believes that style is personal. This is something she learnt from her mother. 

Set yourself apart from the crowd if you don’t fit in, don’t be afraid to feel like an outsider. Be happy being yourself!

She believes that every woman is distinctive and should be free to decide what she wants to wear instead of following trends, be the trend. Built on this belief Jerelyn launched her brand in late 2018 creating a collection that posses a shoe for every mood. A confident and independent woman walks out in what she feels best and doesn’t need anyone to tell her how and what she needs to wear to look good, it is her intuition!

Your style is your personality, it is what makes you different from everyone else even though we are all the same.

Designer's story

Jerelyn is an Indo – Italian designer, born and raised in India. After having worked in the event industry in India and the UK for many years she decided to finally follow her dreams. She studied shoe designing at London College of Fashion while still working as an event planner. She then moved to Italy in 2017 and studied Footwear Design and Pattern Making in Milan. This helped Jerelyn understand what goes into the making of a well crafted pair of shoes.

Jerelyn works closely with the artisan during the realisation of her collections and sometimes also gets her hands dirty.

All Jerelyn Creado® Shoes are ethically and delicately handcrafted making sure each design is not only beautiful and elegant but also comfortable.
She believes that everything about an outfit is hopeless if it not combined with a good pair of shoes.
Jerelyn’s focus has always been on creating unique yet comfortable shoes for both women and men.