Why choose women's handcrafted sandals Jerelyn Creado
      Sandals are the essence of summer and here in our collection you can find a wide selection of women's sandals, perfect for any occasion. All the sandals in Jerelyn Creado's collection are made from high quality materials and Italian craftsmanship where love and passion are mixed with the know-how of perfect footwear to ensure comfort and style in every situation. From 15mm flat leather sandals to ankle lace-up heeled sandals and closed and open toe models. Here you can surely find the perfect pair of sandals for you.

      Handcrafted women's sandals for every occasion
      Whether you're looking for a pair of elegant sandals for a special evening, or a pair of comfortable and practical sandals for your vacation, here you can surely find the perfect model for you. Made in Italy Jerelyn Creado sandals are available in different sizes and colors, to meet the needs of all women. Choose your favorite pair and get ready to wear them with style, comfort and elegance! Here are some tips on how to match your handcrafted sandals in a stylish and fashionable way.

      1. Casual look: for a casual and cool daytime look, wear handcrafted sandals with a comfortable sole. The Cosmos handcrafted sandal, for example, is perfect. Pair it with a pair of denim shorts and a light T-shirt or cotton blouse.

      2. Boho-Chic Look: If you love boho style, handcrafted sandals are a natural choice. Wear a long, flowing dress, preferably with floral or ethnic prints. Complete the look with Buttercup sandals.

      3. Evening look: If you have an evening event, such as an elegant dinner, handcrafted sandals can be perfect. Choose a pair with shimmering details or jewels like the Daisy sandal. Pair them with a long or short dress.

      Remember that the key to matching handcrafted sandals is to feel comfortable and reflect your personal style. Experiment with colors, textures and details to create unique and striking looks.