Get ready for summer


Jerelyn Creado® is a brand devoted to creating uniqueness and novelty, amongst commonality of our daily lives, to make you feel special, to make you feel strong, sexy and powerful and to prove that you can take on the world, and be what you want to be, you just need to wear the right pair of shoes.

From the beginning

Jerelyn has always been surrounded by fashion. She comes from a family of dress makers. She fell in love with shoes at very young age, after trying on a pair of heels from her aunt. It did not take long after that, when she designed and made her first pair of sandals in art class. The love for fashion and designing as an expression of art, emotions, power, personality and status, continuously grew.
She had to take different paths at the beginning, but the passion for designing shoes always remained there and eventually found her way. From the beginning and through all the experiences, Jerelyn has been collecting and sourcing precious inspiration, that are then brought to life through her designs and footwear.