Why choose Jerelyn Creado handcrafted women's shoes
      Among our creations, décolleté shoes are a true jewel of Italian craftsmanship. Featuring a charming design and elegant shape, Jerelyn Creado's décolleté shoes are designed to enhance the beauty and personality of every woman.

      Our pumps are made with extreme attention to detail and meticulous selection of materials. Choose from a variety of colors, from classic black to romantic pink, to suit your personal style and needs. Each pair of Jerelyn Creado pumps is a work of art that will accompany you with class on any occasion.

      Every woman deserves to wear high-quality footwear that reflects her beauty and individuality. With Jerelyn Creado, you'll find pumps that are the perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship, refined design, and unparalleled comfort.

      Women's handcrafted pumps shoe pairing guide
      Jerelyn Creado's handcrafted women's pumps shoes are a statement of Italian elegance and style. But how can you make the most of these refined and versatile shoes in various looks and occasions? Here are some tips on how to match your pumps to look your best.

      1. Office look: professional elegance. For a flawless office look, pumps are an ideal choice. You can opt for the Jasmine women's shoe or the Metis shoe. Pair them with tailored-cut pants or a midi skirt for a professional and sophisticated look. Complement it with a dressy shirt or blouse.

      2. Casual chic look: pumps are not just for formal occasions. You can safely sport them in a casual chic look. Wear a pair of pumps, such as the Venere shoe, with skinny jeans or cigarette pants. Add an oversized sweater and a shoulder bag for a touch of refined nonchalance.

      3. Evening look: If you have a special occasion or evening event planned, pumps will be your secret weapon. Choose a pair with sparkling details or stiletto heels for a red carpet look. Pair them with a long or short evening dress and don't forget bright accessories for a touch of glamour.

      Experiment, play with colors and details, and discover how these versatile shoes can enhance your personal style at all times.