Women's graduation shoes: make your outfit unique with the right shoe

Graduation is an important moment in every woman's life. In addition to celebrating the achievement of a significant goal, it is also the perfect opportunity to express your personality and style through clothing. Among the most crucial elements of your graduation outfit are definitely your shoes. In this article, we will explore how to choose the perfect shoes for your graduation day and how to pair them with your outfit flawlessly.

Women's graduation shoes: choose your style

When it comes to choosing shoes for graduation day, the first step is to consider your personal style. Do you want a classic and elegant look or do you prefer something bolder and more original? Jerelyn Creado, a designer of handcrafted shoes made in Italy, offers a wide range of options to suit every preference.

How to choose the right shoes for graduation

Heel or No Heel:

Your choice of heel depends on your personal comfort and the type of dress you will be wearing. If you are used to walking in heels and want a more formal look, opt for heeled shoes. However, if you prefer comfort, flat shoes can be just as stylish.


The color of your shoes should coordinate with the color of your dress or complement the color palette of your outfit. Black, nude or metallic shoes are versatile options that are easy to match with different shades of outfits.

Details and Decorations:

Shoes with elegant details or special decorations can add a touch of glamour to your outfit. A bow, buckle or sparkling crystals can make shoes more glamorous. One suggestion is the Olivia women's shoes or the Frida women's shoes.

Matching Shoes with the Outfit

Once you have chosen the perfect shoes, it is essential to match them with the outfit in a harmonious way. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Shoes with suits:

If you chose a suit for your graduation, heeled shoes are a natural choice. You can opt for a stiletto heel for a more elegant look or a wider heel for more stability. Among the Jerelyn Creado proposals, you can opt for the black Emily model for a classic and refined combination. Another option is the Lola women's artisanal shoe, this handcrafted shoe captures the essence of unity and connection through a elegant and refined design. The soft pink color of the Lola shoe adds a touch of delicacy and femininity.

Shoes with Long Dresses:

A long dress requires equally extraordinary shoes. Shoes with high, slim heels can make legs look longer and slender. The color of the shoes should coordinate with the dress or be a nude or black color that matches any outfit. Get inspired by Jerelyn Creado heeled shoes to find the one that best suits your needs.

Shoes with Short Dresses:

With a short dress, you have many options. You can choose shoes with high or low heels, depending on your comfort and the style of the dress. A matching color scheme can create a more harmonious look. Or you can choose a bright color to draw attention to the shoe. Jerelyn Creado, with her expertise in creating handcrafted shoes made in Italy, can help you find the perfect shoes for your graduation. The quality, comfort and style of her creations will make you feel confident and extraordinary on the most important day of your academic life. Choose Jerelyn Creado to ensure your shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your graduation outfit.