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Love, Friendship and more…

This month’s post is going to be about love, friendship and the other things that matter to me instead of the usual.

Currently sitting on my sofa listening to some country hits, Florida Georgia Line being one of my favourite bands. Obviously, this changes every month. The concept of love and friendship in country music always takes me to a different place, both love and friendship play a very important part in my life. I value my friends very much, they are practically family to me. Whilst friendship is important to me, I place LOVE on a pedestal! It did take me a very long time to get to where I am. Bad relationships, bad friendships, bad decisions and many more other things but here I am with best person to love and wonderful people that I can call friends.

Respect is the key to any great friendship or relationship. We need to respect each other’s views, decisions and moreover them. I have learnt over the years that you cannot talk down to anyone, and I know you would think why would a good person talk down to someone, well sometimes people do it without realising, their intentions are pure and kind and in no way to hurt or insult you, but it comes across badly. The thing I hate the most now that I am running 30 is people treating and talking to me like I am 10. When someone younger than me does that, it is just unacceptable! Therefore it is very important to be mindful of the way you tal and treat others.

Respect is also about being genuine, we don’t see a lot of that these days. I love people who are frank and do not pretend to be someone else, it is so important to be your true self. I love my friends who give me their honest opinions and are honest about themselves. It makes life so much easier and I know I can always be myself and share my feelings without worrying about how they will react or worse having to wonder if we will continue to stay friends after that. A friend of mine used to say, “true friendship gives me a warm feeling in my heart” Which it certainly does, genuine and true friendship makes you happy every time you think or talk to your friend. I have befriended many people over the years, some I am still in touch with, while some I have fallen out with for various reasons. I try my best to keep in touch with the ones I still talk to while sometimes I do think about the ones that used to be my friends.

Moving on to Love….. My favourite, I love falling in love. Don’t get me wrong I don’t use this feeling loosely. It holds a lot of significance in my books, but I fall in love every day. It might be a person, a thing, a song or even with the feeling itself. The first time I ever fell madly in love was when I watched the movie Titanic for the first time, I think I was about 10 years old and I fell wildly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. He was my first love, those blue eyes and that blonde hair that fell on the side of his face. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Eventually I grew up and had real relationships and Leonardo was just someone on television knowing nothing would ever happen. Love and relationships used to be very complex to me, I could never maintain one as I got bored easily and needed to get out of it as soon as the feeling passed and there was no mystery left in the relationship. Though, through all of it over the years and with all the experience I learnt more about people, the way they are with you and the way they are when they’re alone. I learnt that some you connect with instantly while, some you never connect with at all. Some share their feelings with you, while some never let you in ever. Some you can spend hours and days with, while some you need to get rid of immediately. Some would do anything for you, while some would take advantage of your feelings for them. Some are extremely jealous, while some don’t care at all.

After all this I learnt that all of us go through it and we all learn from it and we eventually find a partner that is perfect for us, somebody that will love and cherish us. When I am with a man I want to be free to be who I am, share all my feelings, my past, my present, my future and formalities do not exist. Life is perfect and easy, he is amazed by me and I am amazed by him. I wear my heart on my sleeves and be crazy, and my crazy is beautiful to him (Always in a good way). We have long conversations about what the world is, what we are and what drives us insane or even what takes our breath away, about our dreams and our future plans. Being in love is that feeling where there are no boundaries and you can both have fun and be yourself. On the other hand, you can both be grown-ups, make decisions together, share responsibilities and help each other when required. There is no formality in love, there is just you and him. You don’t choose who you fall in love with you just do, but you are the one who picks if he is good for you or not.

My favourite things about life include, Cuddles with my man and just talking about life, late night chats and drinks with my best people, meeting new people and talking about what is important to them, what drives them and what excites them. It’s incredible when you connect with a person instantly as that isn’t something that happens to me often. I look for depth and honesty. I thank everyone that is part of my life and those people whom I have spent these moments with. You have unquestionably made my life better and I love having you in my life.

One of my best friends visited me last weekend and we had a great three days, it had been a while since I last seen her and she very graciously came to visit me to spend some quality time together. I really enjoyed her visit, we enjoyed loads of tapas, went sight seeing and chilled at the beach. The three days were over before you know it and now she is back in the UK and I cannot wait for the next she comes to visit me. We always have good ties together, and that is what friendship is about. Enjoying your friends company and missing them when they’re not around. Here is a picture of us having a coffe after a long climb up to the Mirador de San Nicolas.

I hope you all enjoy your summer and have the most amazing August!